The fun never ends at SWLA's premier family entertainment center

We’ve got something for everyone.

Whether you’re a rock-climbing aficionado, watersports lover or self-proclaimed foodie, Lake Area Adventures has something for you. From toddler to adult, we’ve got attractions, events and food that will keep you coming back for more! Let’s make your next adventure one to remember. 



Flip, jump and slide all day long on our Inflatable AirPark—10,500 square feet of nonstop fun. The AirPark is a hit with kids of all ages!


Aquatics Center

Our 1,700+ square foot indoor pool is your go-to place for swim lessons, parties and extracurricular events in Lake Charles

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Omni Arena

The Omniverse VR Arena is the most immersive video game experience yet! Hunt zombies, live a pirate's life looting ships or tour a haunted mansion with paranormal investigators while you walk and run on the omni-directional treadmill.


Climbing Wall

Practice your rock climbing skills with our free-climb bouldering wall right in the heart of our brand new facility. Enjoy unlimited access with a facility pass or monthly membership.


Parties & Events

We host events for ALL AGES & the options for adventures with us are endless! From our indoor heated pool to the Gamers Lounge to our event rooms, we can accommodate whatever crew you're hosting!

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The Terrace

Enjoy dishes by award-winning chef Amanda Cusey at The Terrace!


Gamers Lounge

Get your game on at our state-of-the-art Gamers Lounge, complete with virtual and augmented reality, flight and race simulators and a slew of PCs and gaming consoles.


Rentals & Tours

Rent one of our pontoons or kayaks to adventure your way on the water in Lake Charles or book a guided tour to explore our waterways with an expert!

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Ropes Course

Climb the ladder and get a bird's eye view of the facility on our indoor ropes course!



What do I have access to with my admission?

Individuals with bands can use all of the attractions during their visit. That includes: The AirPark, Omni Arena, Gamers Lounge, bouldering/climbing wall, ropes course, and SO much more! 

Note: Daily admission does not include access to the Aquatics Center. The Aquatics center is only open to swimming lesson students, Lake Area Adventures members and private pool party guests. 

Do I have to purchase admission to eat at The Terrace?

No. If you are dining at The Terrace, you can bypass the front entrance and enter via the sidewalk that leads to the patio.

Do I have to pay for admission if I am not playing?

No. If you don’t play, you don’t pay. If at any time you decide you want to use the attractions (including arcade games, mini golf and the gamers lounge), please visit the front desk and purchase admission.

How can I cut down on my wait times at check-in?

Purchase admission and complete your waivers online before you arrive for your adventure. Additionally, your whole party will need to check in together before entering the facility.

What are the rules and regulations for the Lake Area Adventures facility?

Lake Area Adventures is a family-friendly experience.

We expect guests to respect others, follow facility rules and adhere to staff requests. Inappropriate language or clothing is not permitted.

We reserve the right to remove guests based on their actions, language, attire or other factors at our discretion.

For a full list of facility rules, click here.


What are the shoe requirements for the facility?

This varies by attraction. No shoes are allowed in the AirPark and Lake Area Adventures socks are required to jump. They’re available to purchase at check-in for $2.99 a pair and can be reused during future visits.

Closed-toe shoes are required for the ropes course. No Crocs are allowed on the ropes course. 

Are there lockers available for my personal belongings?

No, we do not have lockers available. However, there are cubbies next to the AirPark, Ropes Course, and Bouldering Wall for guests to place personal items while they play! Guests will be allowed to bring personal items to their cars and re-enter the facility if needed at any time during their visit. 

Who has access to the Aquatics Center?

The Aquatics center is only open to swimming lesson students, Lake Area Adventures members and private pool party guests. Daily admission does not include access to the Aquatics Center.

Will there be a lifeguard on duty at the pool?

At times, the pool will be open with no lifeguard on duty. During these times, it will be posted in the Aquatics Center so guests are aware.

What should I bring when I visit the Aquatics Center?

When visiting the aquatics center for open swim or swim lessons, you are encouraged to bring your own towels and a wet bag for your swim attire after changing. We do not have any cubbys in the aquatics center, so we suggest bringing a beach bag with your items to keep poolside.

Can I use the other attractions when I come to the Aquatics Center?

If you are at the Aquatics Center for swimming lessons only and want to visit the other attractions, you will need to dry off, change into street clothes and purchase admission in the lobby following the lesson.

If you are a Lake Area Adventures member, you will have access to the whole facility. After swimming, you will be required to dry off and change into street clothes before entering the rest of the facility.

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