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Official Gear for Rent

This is our Zombie Patrol setup but will be the same for all scenarios. 

As Close To The Real Thing As You Can Get

As Close To The Real Thing As You Can Get

Paintball done right...

Play games like:

Capture The Flag -- Medic -- VIP -- Annihilator -- Attack and Defend -- Last Man Standing
Recon -- Tag -- Hide "N" Seek -- POW -- BlackJack -- Shoot The Captain...

No matter the occasion we can create a fun and thrilling time for anyone that loves paintball or wants to see if they have what it takes.

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Actual Paintball Gun That Is Provided

Scenarios For The Whole Family

Scenarios For The Whole Family

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Parties can booked by calling 1-888-902-2016. Price is $275 and includes 2 hours playtime, up to 10 players, all your gear, and all the paintballs you want to shoot.  For more than 10 players it's $15 per person.  For groups less than 10 please email us at info@lakeareaadventues or call/text 1-888-902-2016.  

*Please wear clothing that is suitable for wooden terrain and being shot at with paintballs.  Lake Area Adventures does have protection for face and head but participants will need to wear gear to protect arms, legs, and chest.*