Creating fun and exciting things to do in the Lake Area that the whole family can enjoy.

Welcome to Lake Area Adventures! We provide the Lake Area with new ways to spend family time or just get outdoors and have some fun! We currently offer exciting adventures that include obstacle course racing, paint ball war games, kayak and boat rentals, guided river tours, golf driving range, and special season events.

If you have family coming into town and you're not sure what to do this weekend, shoot us a message! Have a specific adventure in mind? Use our online booking system to rent a boat or kayak or set up your next guided tour of our local lake area and bayous. Come check out our Golf Driving Range at New Moon Golf located at 4200 Gerstner Memorial Blvd and ask about our canopy rentals or special weekend events.   Our events are great if you are just looking for exciting outdoor adventures or an opportunity to meet new people.

We have big plans for the Lake Area and many more additions are coming soon! Please bear with us as we are in the very early stages of this venture and still putting together all the pieces.

We are looking forward to serving the Lake Area community and having new adventures with you!



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How would you like to have access to Lake Area Adventures own Training Center to include an Outdoor Obstacle Course, Free Weekly Balls at New Moon Golf, Free Ball-In Fridays at New Moon Golf every Friday Night, Parents Night out 1st Friday of every month, 10% off all Rentals and Tours, Free Monthly Events that include Paintball, Beach Parties, Camping, Kayak Tours, Rucksack Challenges, and much more???

Become a member of Lake Area Adventures for just $25 a month and receive all this and much more...

Adventures for the whole family


You’ll get the equipment you need in an easy and affordable way.

You’ll get all-in-one customer service from a homegrown business. There are a few reasons Lake Charles residents venture on over to Lake Area Adventures. We can:

Deliver the products to you for your convenience | Provide maps of bayous to point you in the right direction | Create guided tours and outdoor events for your whole family or business.

We also offer kayak and boat rentals, seasonal events, and personal tours of the waterways in the Lake Area. Whether you want to go fishing or just paddle around to enjoy the sights and sounds, you’ll have everything you need for your whole family to have a great outdoor adventure.



Are you interested in exploring the Bayou by kayak? Come to Lake Area Adventures to get everything you need to have a safe and fun adventure.  We are the premier water craft rental company in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the trusted destination for all other related kayak and boat related equipment. Whether you want to go on a solo exploration or bring along a few friends, we have all you need to explore the water. Get in touch with Lake Area Adventures today if you have any questions.


Paddle boats are perfect for beginners and pros alike. They are a great way to enjoy the waters of the bayou, and you’ll feel like you’re gliding on water! They are a great way to get good exercise or enjoy the sights around you. You’ll love every minute on your paddle boat. Get in touch with us today to coordinate your rental and delivery.





At Lake Area Adventures we want to get everyone outside. The serenity and wonder of the bayous and lakes  shouldn’t be missed. We host tours and other events to get you, your family and your friends outside or on the water! We also host various events such as obstacle course style racing, paint ball wars, guided river events and more. Check us out on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest events!


Your Destination for Your Next Exploration

About Lake area adventures

Lake Area Adventures wants to help residents and visitors alike get outside, get active and get on the water! We all want to try something different every once in a while – Lake Area Adventures makes it easy to see what it’s like to get out on a boat, kayak or paddleboard and explore the bayous and lakes. So rent a boat, or a couple of kayaks (tandem or single), grab a couple paddleboards, rally up a few friends and get to exploring. We have everything you need to have a safe, fun and wonderful adventure.


Lake Area Adventures pairs with PE Training Center in Lake Charles for various events throughout the year such as obstacle course style racing, paint ball wars, fun runs and more. If you're interested in these types of events and want to learn more, subscribe to our newsletter today.


We will always strive to offer high-quality equipment and customer service to make sure you have what you need for your adventure. We offer:

  • Guided Kayak tours 
  • Delivery services for all equipment
  • Special events for families, couples, or companies.

Get out there. The Lake Area is waiting. Visit Lake Area Adventures of Lake Charles today and gear up for a good time.


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